March Madness Share Pool

Tournament Madness Share Pools are a relatively new type of sports fantasy contest.  You make picks against the spread and over/under totals from the opening odds released straight from Las Vegas sportsbooks.  Each participant will be issued a starting amount of "Shares" to assign to each pick. So in essence it is a fantasy sports stock exchange in which each participant becomes a trader.  At the end of the contest the trader with the most shares wins.  The contest manager can customize your Tournament Madness Share Contest with a multitude of different options to control both the difficulty of the contest and rate of required trades to be made.  You can risk shares on both the Side (pointspread winner) and the Total (the over/under). People can risk a lot of shares for each game or they can sit on the sidelines and not risk anything. 

Available Leagues: 


Options and Settings:

Your Tournament Madness Share Contest comes complete with a full suite of automated services and options to ensure you execute your contest in an effortless yet professional manner making the job of Commish smooth sailing.  With your Tournament Madness Share Contest, you will have the option to utilize the following resources based on your needs:

- Combine multiple sports to increase your pick selection

- Invest shares on straight wagers and parlays and teasers

- Invest on the sides, totals and moneylines of each event

- Choose from "Simple" or "True" odds

- Set the initial amount of shares from 1 - 1,000,000

- Set max stake per investment 

- Set the minimum and maximum amount of investments allowed per each calendar week

- Multiple tie breaker options to choose from for clear rankings

- Reminder Notices

- Score emails

- Trash Talk Message Boards

- Roster and Share Tools

- Poolwide Email

- Printable Poolwide Pick Listings

- Custom Deadlines

- Custom Point Spreads, Totals and Moneylines

We also provide you and your friends with full telephone and email support to assist with any issues or questions that might arise.

What does a Tournament Madness Share Contest cost? 

A Tournament Madness Share Contest costs $9.99 per contest and includes up to 10 userseach user beyond 10 costs $1. However, you can create your own Share Contest today for FREE at no risk of being charged.  If you find it to meet your expectations and needs you will be required to pay your invoice within 7 days after the pool starts by simply using one of our easy payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or Paper Check.

Does Contest General offer White Label Skins for Tournament Madness Share Contests?

Absolutely!  If you are a bar owner with regulars, a radio station running a promotion or perhaps a social club that would like a modern solution to running your sports contests then look no further.  Contest General offers a tailored solution that allows you to brand your contests as well as allow your participants to play online.  In addition you can broadcast your sports contests from your social media page or business web site for enhanced marketing of your brand as well as customer retention from their continued engagement with your business.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions please do not hesistate to contact us at and our friendly customer service staff will be more than happy to assist you.