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The very essence of bragging rights in sports derives from the ability to say that you know more about the big game on Sunday than your buddies. Winning and losing is what sports are all about, and the easiest way to show you're the king of sports knowledge is by predicting who is going to win any and every game.

Here at Contest General, our pick 'em games run much deeper than just winning and losing, though. As a player in our Pick 'Em Contests, you'll be able to engage in games that involve picking straight up winners, winners versus the spread, and even predicting if games are going to go over or under a total number of points or goals.

What is a Pick 'Em Contest?
At Contest General, our Pick 'Em Contests involve up to three different outcomes per game:

Straight Up Winners
As the name would suggest, your only goal is to pick winners of games. If you've got the Patriots in your pool over the Steelers, no matter if the score is 31-30 or 31-0, so long as New England wins the game, you've picked yourself a winner.

Point Spread Winners
Our Pick 'Em Contests have now been extended to cover point spreads. A point spread is a number either added to or subtracted from a team's final score to decide who wins or "covers the spread." If the Patriots are -6.5 against the Steelers, that means the Pats have to win by more than 6.5-points in order to produce a winning pick. If Pittsburgh either wins the game or loses by fewer than 6.5-points, it will cover the spread at a price listed at +6.5.

Total Winners
The total (also known as the over/under) in a game is based on the total numbers of points or goals scored. Your task is to determine whether the two teams will combine for a greater or lesser amount of points than the listed total. If the Patriots beat the Steelers 31-30 against a total of 54.5, the over would be the winning pick. If New England won 31-0, the winning pick would be under 54.5.

As a player in our Pick 'Em Contests, you'll be tasked with either picking specific games as set by your League Commissioner or will get to choose a certain number of games across one sport or multiple sports. The member of your pool with the best record at the end of the contest will be declared the winner!

Options and Settings
Your pick 'em contests come complete with a full arsenal of automated services and options to ensure you can execute your contest in an effortless yet professional manner, making the job of Commissioner as easy as pie. With your pick 'em contest, you will have the option to utilize the following resources based on your needs:

• Pick straight up winners, ATS winners and/or over/under (total) winners
• Set the minimum and maximum amount of picks required each week
• Multiple tiebreakers to choose from for clear rankings
• Automated picks
• Reminder notices
• Score emails
• Pool-wide emails
• Trash Talk message boards
• Roster and scoring tools
• Printable pool-wide pick listings
• Custom deadlines
• Custom point spreads

We also provide you and your friends with full telephone and email support to assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

Does Contest General Offer White Label Skins for Pick 'Em Contests?
Absolutely! If you are a bar owner with regulars, a radio station running a promotion or perhaps a social club that would like a modern solution to running your sports contests, don't look any further! Contest General offers a tailored solution that allows you to brand your contests and allow your participants to play online. In addition, you can broadcast your sports contests from your social media page or business website for enhanced marketing of your brand. It could also improve customer retention due to their continued engagement with your business.

Still Have Questions?
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and our friendly, U.S.-based customer service staff will be more than happy to assist you.